• Toronto Stripper History Project

Introducing The Toronto Stripper History Project!

We're building a living archive of stripper histories!

In 1978 there were 63 strip clubs in Toronto. By 1998 we were down to 50. In 2020 there are fewer than 10. The Toronto Stripper History Project is building a living archive of stripper histories by and for exotic dancers. We are part of the Harlot History Archives documenting sex worker histories in Toronto with a specific focus on exotic dancers in the city. Whether you worked in Toronto through the 60's, the 80's or in the last 5-10 years, strip clubs have gone through so many changes that your experiences and insights are important and can teach other dancers our histories of resilience! Right now we're looking for current and former exotic dancers who have worked in Toronto strip clubs for any period of time between 1960 and present day. We'll host interviews that will take about an hour of your time and will pay $100 for your insights. We can also compensate for any memorabilia you have from your dancing days - photos, videos, posters and other memories we can use for our digital archive. For more information about the Toronto Stripper History Project take a look at our website and get in touch!